Friday, 11 May 2012

[GET] Google Adsense Accelerator Plugin Cracked

This Plugin Will Give You:
google adsense accelerator Extra Traffic
google adsense accelerator More Revenue
google adsense accelerator More Repeat Visitors

When it comes to earning commissions with Adsense, Google's "Adsense for Search" is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. Last year, Google published the percentage of Adsense earnings that are distributed to the content publishers (this is you), and here are the numbers:

Content Publishers Earn:
google adsense accelerator 68% on Google Adsense for Content
google adsense accelerator 51% on Google Adsense for Search

Not surprisingly, Google won't tell you that for the same number of clicks, Google's "Adsense for Search" will pay you  a lot more.
Google will leave you little tips in your Adsense Back Office, letting you know that you're missing out on potential commissions... But they don't tell you how much.
They even suggest you add more advertising on certain websites with messages like:
"You’re missing 34 opportunities to earn more!"


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